Thesis bold headline

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Thesis bold headline

Headings and the Use of Boldface Type by Chelsea Lee APA has gotten a lot of questions and feedback from users who are confused about when to use boldface type and when not to, particularly in headings.

Here are the short and sweet answers about font formatting style: Section titles should also be centered, on their own line, and in title case that means capitalize all major words—for more information what words are considered major, see the first bullet in Section 4.

A section also generally begins on a new page.

Thesis bold headline

The only exception is for the author note section, which goes on the title page. Boldface Formatting Use boldface only for headings within the body of your paper, that is, within the text itself—these headings we refer to by levels Levels 1—3 use boldface; Level 4 uses boldface and italic; Level 5 uses italics only.

This blog on headings describes the levels in more detail see also Section 3.

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Common headings within the body of the paper are Method, Results, and Discussion, but your headings will differ depending on what you are writing about.

Additionally, if you have an appendix with lots of text, you can use the levels of heading within that body of text as well but the section title "Appendix" would still use regular nonboldface formatting.

Take a look at the sample papers for examples of how section titles use regular formatting and headings within the body of the paper use boldface. Posted by Chelsea Lee at ShareLaTeX comes with a complete, ready to go LaTeX environment which runs on our servers.

With ShareLaTeX you get the same LaTeX set-up wherever you go. By working with your colleagues and students on ShareLaTeX, you know that you're not going . Nov 25,  · But a well-laid-out, well typeset thesis is a much bigger pleasure to read than something that looks just as boring as the rest of the pack.

Standing out by some extra attention to packaging is not a sin, it can be . I'm trying to make some text bold using HTML, but I'm struggling to get it to work.

Here's what I'm trying: Some text that I want emboldened. Aug 13,  · This is a great summary of the cap rules for headline style and illustrates why I chose to use sentence style for the headings in my blog.

There’s just too great a chance that I’ll make a mistake using headline style. Types of emphasis may be combined (i.e., a heading that is bold and underlined is superior to one that is just bold). Placement In order for a freestanding subheading to end the page, there must be room for the heading space preceding it and at least two lines of text following it.

STYLES Make sure your title uses the correct style. When it comes to the style or grammar of titles used in academic articles and dissertations, there is a lot of variation.

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