The use of internet is good

The internet can be used for learning, for entertainment, for workingfor meeting new people and for trying to change the world, and even for complaining about whatever is bothering us. If you are one of the people on the planet who has the privilege of being able to access the network of networks, you must know that you have access to a tool that can bring about a great improvement in your life; indeed, there are studies and statistics that demonstrate that the internet is good for us. That is, of course, as long as we apply common sense when using it.

The use of internet is good

BY Jill Harness April 23, It seems like every day you hear a new story about cyber-bullying, phishing or a new computer virus.

Preventing Suicides While you probably have heard stories about cyber-bullies pushing someone to commit suicide, there are also tons of stories about depressed people deciding not to kill themselves after talking to someone online whom they never even met.

Despite all the trash talking in online gaming sessions, there is also a real sense of camaraderie and friendship. In one case, a teenager from Ontario called the police after one of his gaming buddies in Texas said he was thinking of ending it all. Eventually, he convinced the teen in Texas to let him speak to his father, who reported that he had no idea his son was feeling that way and would do whatever it took to help his son get through this difficult time.

She spoke to him online for a while, gaining his trust until he gave his phone number to her. She then got one of her friends living in England to call the suicidal man and talk to him until the man felt comfortable sharing his location.

The internet is good for learning

When a woman Tweeted to Demi that she was going to kill herself, Moore tried to talk her into changing her mind. There are major online communities developed to help people in need.

In JanuaryRobert Chambers, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, was gaming on his computer when his toaster caught on fire and smoke quickly started filling his home. Since he was unable to move quickly due to his condition, getting to the phone to call was not an option, so instead he shared his address and asked others in a chat room to call for help for him.

People from around the U. In a similar story, Wales resident Peter Casaruwho suffers from spinal problems, found himself paralyzed one morning. With his cell phone battery dead, his only option was to ask for help online.

After dragging himself across the room, and without being able to see the keyboard since he didn't have his glasses, he was still able to post an update on Facebook asking for someone to call the medics. Almost immediately, his friends and family responded and just before Casaru passed out from pain, the ambulance arrived to take him to a hospital.

Helping Victims of Crime -- While It Happens Sometimes crime victims have found the net to be the best way to ask for help as well. In latea woman and her one-year-old were being held prisoner by her ex-husband.

While she was unable to use the phone during the entire ordeal, she was able to post a plea for help on Facebook. A woman who had never met the abused mother saw the post and called the authorities, who found the victim and her child severely beaten, but alive, after four days of starvation and torture.

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Their tormentor was quickly arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, domestic violence, child abuse, forcible sodomy, animal cruelty and more.

Just this month, a South African carjacking victim who was locked in his trunk by the thieves was saved thanks to Twitter. While the police in the area are anything but reliable, the man knew he was at an advantage since he had his cell phone in the trunk with him. He texted his girlfriend, who then put the information out on Twitter, where it was picked up by a roadblock notification service with overfollowers including a number of private security firms.

Soon enough, the car was located and the man was saved before he suffered any serious physical abuse. Helping Crime Victims After the Fact Internet users have also come through to help crime victims recover after they have been victimized.

The donations were far more than Biber needed, so he, in turn, donated the rest to a local youth center. Early this year, shocking photos were posted on Reddit showing an African man who had his face sliced open by a machete while trying to protect an orphanage from local thugs.

With all the extra cash, the orphanage was able to provide the children with bunk beds and start a fund to purchase the land where the facility is located so they will no longer have to rent the property.The percentage of people who think the internet is good for society is shrinking.

Roughly 70 percent of American adults who use the internet believe it’s mostly good for society, down from How much internet speed do I need? If you’re trying to figure out what internet speed you need for your connected household, you’ve come to the right place.

The use of internet is good

Our speed tool will help you identify which speed is ideal for your home given the way you use the internet. Of these, the latest version of Internet Explorer, version 9, runs on only one. Many people use more than one computer and are likely to deal with more than one operating system.

The real conversation should be how we can best use the Internet in smarter ways that help us to monitor and enhance the brain, and how can we actively prepare to manage information overload. The Internet is not good because of the three maxims, but because of how those maxims came to be.

What is good about the Internet is the very process by which one builds and selects communities, and how their policies are proposed, tested, and implemented. Sharing nuggets of information with others who are in need is one of the best ways to use the Internet for growth.

Because there is so much out there, the best stuff is often overlooked by those who could really use it.

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