The history of the australian shepherd

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The history of the australian shepherd

The history of the australian shepherd

I spent part of my youth many years ago on a sheep ranch in Idaho. There, the basque sheepherders had little dogs that worked the sheep. At that time these dogs were not widely known and there were no 50 to 60 pound ones.

They were all in the 20 to 30 pound range. I believe these are the orginal Austrailan Shepherds and that the cattle ranchers crossed them with larger breeds to produce what most people know as a Standard Austrailan Shepherd today. The Miniature Australian Shepherd was started as a breed in from a group of small select Australian Shepherds.

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The size and conformation was achieved over 10 years of breeding, crossing the smallest standard sized Australian Shepherds. Smaller Aussies were sought out and used in breeding programs by breeders who wanted to maintain the original standard just in a smaller package.

Because of those efforts, today there are many quality Miniature Australian Shepherds.

History. The Miniature Australian Shepherd is not a cross between an Australian Shepherd and another breed, it was actually developed in the late's, mid 's by breeding the smallest of the Australian Shepherds. The Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America (MASCA) is the oldest and largest extant parent club for the Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety. The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent working dog of strong herding and guarding instincts. He is a loyal companion and has the stamina to work all day. He is well balanced, slightly longer.

History of the Australian Shepherd by Linda Rorem the original of this article appeared in Dog World magazine in ; revised Little can be known for certain about the origin of many breeds. With regard to the Australian Shepherd, various theories have arisen: The investigating I have done indicates that none of the above theories provides the whole story, but together they may play a part.

The Gold Rush and the Civil War brought about a great demand for mutton and wool.

Breed Characteristics

Sheep were brought around the Horn from the Eastern states, and imported from Australia. Dogs accompanying these flocks, along with later arrivals, would figure in the background of the Australian Shepherd. To read the rest of this article follow this link Herding On the Web.The Miniature Australian Shepherd Owner's Manual is a carefully written, veterinarian approved, premium dog breed book, written by Mini Aussie owner Tim Anderson.

Miniature American Shepherd / Miniature Australian Shepherd Breeders Directory. Note: Australian Shepherds and Miniature American Shepherds / Miniature Australian Shepherds / North American Shepherds, although they share a common history, are considered separate addition the Miniature American Shepherd is considered a separate breed to both of them.

The history of the australian shepherd

Central Valley ASC was formed in by current member Denise Creelman and past member Amnie Ewing. The first show was held in Bakersfield, CA on the first weekend of May.

History. The Miniature American Shepherd was developed in California during the late s with the breeding of small, unregistered dogs that were thought to be Australian Shepherds. These dogs were bred with a goal of maintaining their small size, active character and intelligence.

Australian Shepherd History

In , after five years of development, ASCA incorporated Agility competition into its competitive programs. ASCA Agility is open to all breeds. THE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD’S ORIGIN AND HISTORY by Gwen Stevenson (Working Aussie Source editor’s note: Gwen Stevenson was a founding member of ASCA, who lived in Oak Run, California.

MASCA – Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America