The controversy behind barbie

Since the debut of this doll, there has been much controversy; and once again controversy is back.

The controversy behind barbie

The Controversy Behind Barbie Blog 5 1. What is the rhetorical situation the author is responding to in The Controversy behind Barbie? The rhetorical situation Prisna Virasin is responding to in The Controversy behind Barbie is how Barbie influences girls to develop negative images in regards to physical appearance and materialistic lifestyles.

Such proportions are unrealistic yet, girls who have been influenced by Barbie are more likely to develop the aspiration to be like her.

As a result, protesters argue that Barbie is a main reason for girls to develop negative images about themselves. Along with Barbie's wardrobe and accessories, other products, such as a Barbie computer, compels children to develop the desire for materialistic property.

As Virasin mentions, "Parents feared that the first sentence ['Math is hard'] would reinforce the sterotype that girls were less skilled at math than boys.

The second sentence ['Let's go shopping'] seemed to reinforce the importance of clothes, physical appearance, and material goods" As an icon, young girls find Barbie to be an idol to mimic, often learning unbeneficial values.

Of the three perspectives mentioned by Virasin, supporters of Barbie were only briefly mentioned. In opposition to the protesters who view Barbie as the catalyst of negative female lifestyle, supporters see Barbie as a tool for fostering imagination. Due to the wide variety of themes for Barbie's wardrobe and products, girls are able to expand their career choices by interacting in a staged scenario.

The third and final perspective is that of moderates who disagrees with Mattel's "ideal American woman" and "Barbie as an all evil" Moderators however, understands the argument from both sides and suggests that Barbie is not the cause of the negative development of girls.

Instead, they feel that Barbie is a victim to the frustration of children who are already developing low self-esteem.

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Virasin's perspective on the Barbie Controversy is that of a moderator. Through the short references to the author's background, we can conclude that Virasin was once fascinated with Barbie during her early years of childhood, which helped her find a dream career of being a fashion designer.

After entering college, the author notes how she felt ashamed to have ever associated herself to Barbie and realized the imperfections Barbie defines on human beings.

In the end, she concludes by agreeing with the moderators that Barbie is indeed a scapegoat for the lack of parenting a parent provides to the affected child Instead, she follows a similar method in agreeing, where she states her opinion "I agree with the Barbie moderates" 98followed by broadening the idea that faults are created by human individuals themselves rather than a doll.

Works Cited "Barbie Dolls. Graff, Gerald, and Cathy Birkenstein. They Say I Say. New York, New York: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall, The following year, Mattel sold $ million worth of Barbie dolls, while MGA sold approximately $ million worth of Bratz dolls.

The controversy behind barbie

In , a federal judge ruled in favor of Mattel, ordering MGA. The Controversy Behind Barbie The author of "The Controversy Behind Barbie," writes about why barbie was first created and how Barbie is perceived.

Barbie was founded by a woman named Ruth Handler who created the barbie for her daughter, who was nick named Barbie. Prisna Virasin, "The Controversy behind Barbie" This student-written exploratory paper explains different perspecitves on the Barbie doll controversy PART .

The controversy behind barbie

Oct 16,  · A new Barbie ad — which shows young girls aspiring to careers like professor, veterinarian, businesswoman, and soccer coach — kicks off Mattel’s latest campaign for the iconic dolls, but. The Controversy Behind Barbie At the age of 41, Barbie is one of the longest living toys in America.

While she may not be the face of America, she has a well-known American face that not only created the doll industry but also set the standard.

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Feb 23,  · The Controversy behind Barbie is very enjoyable. I found it to not only be interesting, but also easy to read. Having played with Barbie myself as a child, this piece sparked my attention immediately and is something I definitely want to read more about.

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