Struggle is the key of success

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Struggle is the key of success

Order Reprint of this Story August 22, My parents encouraged me to toil in school. They supported me yet never helped with homework or class projects. Education was about hard work, exertion and trials. Likewise, when working on the farm, they expected me to make mistakes.

Dad always gave me jobs I was not expected do quickly or easily. I had to learn the hard way. Pain and effort went hand in hand with success.

Since I could not control nature and the weather, the best I could do was learn from my gaffes. Numerous examples of my blunders included sloppy pruning, skipping small weeds that became giant ones, picking fruit a day or two too late — need I say more?

Struggle was expected and encouraged. Errors were mostly tolerated.

Three Keys to Success in Sports

I was never supposed to do it right the first time. I was allowed to learn from misfortune. Be the first to know.

No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do. How much of this was myth? I now question if life was that simple: You work hard, accept defeat and then grow. I see this in sports. We celebrate victories and winners and cast aside losers.

We reward making home runs, baskets, touchdowns, kills and goals. First place is remembered, not second or third. Victory is determined by the outcome, not practice.

Effort seems to be lost. Yet one study examined American vs. I grew up in a home where struggle was predictable, part of the maturing process.

Struggle is the key of success

Everyone was expected to have setbacks, and persistence was remunerated. Confusion is seen as an indication of weakness. Consider the new Common Core standards in education that value thinking and problem-solving.

Students are encouraged to research, analyze and reason. Are we instilling a new attitude: Struggle is something natural and predictable because individuals learn differently? The more you struggle while trying to grasp new information, the more you will understand and be able to recall later.

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Browse famous Struggle quotes about Success on Valuing struggle may be the key to success. And it’s the journey that matters, not the end. David Mas Masumoto is an organic farmer near Fresno and award-winning author of books, including.

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