Recount movie review of bias and

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Recount movie review of bias and

In fact, the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC enforces laws that are deeply rooted in asset allocation-based principles. Yet, where most investors and financial professionals and yes, even the SEC go wrong is they give little consideration to the reality that the risk spectrum can, from time to time, be turned on its head.

For a historical perspective, look no further than Senior Income Funds in As the name implies, these assets were meant to provide a high level of price stability as well as a steady stream of income for older folks. And for 30 years they did just that. Sounds like a pretty safe investment for a year old widow, right?

Unfortunately, was not kind to many investments… especially the mortgage-backed securities in Senior Income Funds. They were some of the worst performing assets during the financial crisis. No matter where an investment falls on the risk spectrum, we believe that no investor is safe from catastrophe without a sufficient strategy to minimize losses.

Capital appreciation is a critical component that often gets overlooked in the hunt for yield.

Recount movie review of bias and

Even if you are a conservative investor, there are benefits to moving up the risk spectrum with a portion of your portfolio.

For starters, growth stocks can offset the negative effects that rising interest rates and inflation might have on an income-oriented portfolio.

Second, the tax rates on long-term capital gains are lower than those of ordinary income. Thus, it often makes more sense tax wise to cash in on the appreciation of your shares of growth stock that you have owned for at least a year to generate cash flow than it does to receive those dividends and interest payments coming from your bonds, preferred shares and other income producers.

Keeping your portfolio concentrated at the low end of the risk spectrum carries risks much the same as concentrating at the high end does. Diversification across income and growth can provide a hedge against some of those risks.

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If one allocates assets according to Modern Portfolio Theory MPTeach component of a portfolio should have different levels of risk and return. These differences will cause each component to behave differently over time; hopefully, one is creating efficiency where risk is minimized and return is maximized.

Although this theory is indeed just that — a theory — it does have some well-reasoned assumptions. Obviously, investors prefer to maximize return while minimizing risk. Yet, there are a couple of indirect assumptions that MPT makes which are less obvious. In fact, those indirect assumptions may be downright counterintuitive to logic.

By definition, MPT relies on the fact that a proper asset allocation will, and should, be made up of both winning and losing investments.


This is how volatility is theoretically minimized. Come hell or high water, an investment which has been chosen using fundamentally sound judgment, does not need to be sold. And then, she may feel forced to sell, leave the proceeds in cash, and never invest again!

They pile into assets that they believe will be good for the long-term. When the road gets tough enough, though, they eventually succumb to fear — or even worse, despondency. This usually equates to selling near the lows.

Unfortunately, they then remain gun-shy sitting on the sidelines. Once their anxiety subsides, they may join an up-trending market when the waters seem calm. In essence, people tend to sell low, and then when they return, they buy near the highs.

Asset allocation is a great place to start with an investment strategy. However, we feel it does little to address the biggest threat to investment success… greed and fear. How do you manage greed and fear? You need to understand under what circumstances you would buy and under what circumstances you would sell.

The Emotions of Investing Even before we buy our very first investment, we find ourselves riding the rails of an emotional roller coaster.

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Hope, anxiety, relief, denial, optimism, despair, euphoria, panic — these are the feelings that every investor experiences in a lifetime.Recount Movie Review of Bias and Events.

In many ways Recount is a great example of the good that Hollywood can do with real events rather than fiction - Recount Movie Review of Bias and Events introduction. More recently, we’ve seen a great upswing in Hollywood producing movies based on historical events, or people.

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Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and If you want to better understand what was going on, or even jsut want a good Political Thriller type of movie to watch, "Recount" is by far the best one even if you do know how it ended.

so some Dem bias and bs if you know the facts as they actually occurred, you can deal with it. out of 5 stars Recount (HBO) - Review. great /5(). The recount also showed that had there been a full statewide recount of all counties, Bush still would've won under all but the most liberal of counting methods.

Of course this movie does not cover any of this.

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