Newspaper versus online media

Online and print advertising are two common forms of promotion, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

Newspaper versus online media

Continue to article content Each time my newspaper delivery runs late, as it did last Saturday morning, and I'm forced to the Web for my early dose of news, I'm reminded how reading the news online pales compared to reading it in newsprint.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not some aging dead-ender who wishes it was and not and this Web thing would go away. I've been an online journalist for 20 years.

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I get most of my news from the Web as it flows to my desktop, my tablet, my phone, and now my watch. Is the cabbie playing news radio? When it comes to news, I'm an ocean that refuses no river. Story Continued Below But when it comes to immersion—when I really want the four winds of news to blow me deeper comprehension—my devotion to newsprint is almost cultistic.

My eyes feel about news the way my ears feel about music driven from a broken pair of speakers—distorted, grating, and insufferable. Reading online, I comprehend less and I finish fewer articles than I do when I have a newspaper in hand.

Online, I often forget why I clicked a page in the first place and start clicking on outside links until I'm tumbling through cyberspace like a marooned astronaut. As a more rudimentary form of media, newsprint has the power to focus me. Give me 20 minutes with the newsprint version of the Times and I'm convinced I could clobber anybody in a news quiz who used the same time reading from the Times website.

Make no mistake, I like the Times website! The newspaper has refined its user interface for more than two centuries.

Newspaper versus online media

Incorporated into your daily newspaper's architecture are the findings from field research conducted in thousands of newspapers over hundreds of millions of editions. Newspaper designers have created a universal grammar of headline size, typeface, place, letter spacing, white space, sections, photography, and illustration that gives readers subtle clues on what and how to read to satisfy their news needs.

Web pages can't convey this metadata because there's not enough room on the screen to display it all. Even if you have two monitors on your desk, you still don't have as much reading real estate that an open broadsheet newspaper offers. Computer fonts still lag behind their high-resolution newsprint cousins, and reading them drains mental energy.

Veteran tech journalist Ed Bott talks about newsprint's ability to routinely surprise you with a gem of a story buried in the back pages, placed there not because it's big news but because it's interesting. Executive Editor Jon Fine. The Web offers news treasures, too, but they often feel unconnected to one another, failing to form a daily news gestalt.

Reading a newspaper is a contemplative exercise that can't be matched by a screen. Is it because you hold it in your hand? Likewise, the literal physicality of a newspaper signals useful information to readers.

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Picking up a daily newspaper, you can gauge by the feel how much news there is today, something a Website can't do. Just as the dimensions of a dinner plate communicates how much one should eat, the dry weight of a daily newspaper gives the reader signals about how much they need to read to reach news satiation.

Not so on the Web, where no matter how much you read, you feel like you missed something important.Print Media vs. Online Media.

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Overall, the newspaper industry has seen better days in the U.S. Consumption of newspapers is expected to decline considerably. In , Americans spent, on average, about 17 minutes reading.

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U.S. Newspaper Industry - Statistics & Facts | Statista While the differences between online and print media may continue to widen, both expert opinion and public sentiment suggest that similarities between the two will likely keep each relevant in some form. Cost Cost is one area in which online media wins — at least in terms of what it costs publishers to produce content.
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5 Reasons Why Internet Marketing is Better than Print Advertising. Think your company can afford to skip online marketing? Think again.

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Despite which newspaper your business’ ad runs in, it is important to note that decreasing circulation numbers throughout the United States jeopardizes the reach of your ad campaign. Social Media. The Knight Digital Media Center reported in September that online revenues for most newspaper media are still a small fraction of the income from traditional print.

Online vs. print media. Both are important, but how can a PR pro explain the benefits of online vs. print in an integrated PR and social media campaign?

For the First Time, More People Get News Online Than From Newspapers