Essays on human dependence on nature

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Essays on human dependence on nature

I was thoroughly bemused when confronted with the unique opportunity to debate an atheist, epistemological foundationalist.

I hope to have an enjoyable debate and I would like to thank my opponent for his opening argument. That He knows all that is possible to know, and is omnibenevolent, or perfectly moral. Euthyphro's dilemma operated under the assumption of many gods.

If morality is dependent on God, specifically His commands, then God decides what is right and wrong.


But if this is the case, then could God have decided otherwise? Could God have commanded, for instance, that murder is right? If they were, the reality of our universe would be radically altered. Euthyphro's Dilemma "If one accepts the first horn of the dilemma, then morality is arbitrarily based on God's commands, and hence, whatever He commands is moral.

However, if one accepts the second horn, then God appears to merely acknowledge morality, rather than define it.

Hence, if God commands x because it is moral, then there must be a moral standard above and beyond God, meaning that that standard would still be true even if God didn't exist.

In fact, there is a copious amount of fixed variables in our universe that, if changed, would radically alter reality.

Technological dependence: nature and consequences

One would have to presume that fixed principles cannot be arbitrary. Morality cannot be based on such inclinations, no matter who makes them. Your entire argument presupposes an objective standard of morality that is universal and binding without God.

Therefore, you must show what this metric of morality is, where it comes from, how we determine it, and why it is universally binding.

Points that need to be addressed: God is an objective metric of morality because he sets fixed principles into place — that are divinely decreed — and we are judged thereby.

What alternative measure of morality is there that is universally binding? That is to say, what do we appeal to when we are trying to rightly suggest that something is wrong? Does my opponent wish to suggest that if we alter any of the fixed variables in our universe that nothing will change?

The fact of the matter is, if we change any fixed variable in our universe, reality itself would have to drastically change. If such a change would occur when changing the fixed variables of our universe, why does my opponent assume no change would occur when changing the fixed principles of morality?

That is to say, if murder was made right, the universe would have to change in such a way that murder was, indeed, morally right.

Debate Topic: Is Morality dependent on the existence of God? |

Since God is an objective standard of morality, then objective morality exists with God.It comes from the basic goodness of human nature, and my own sense of right and wrong that is universally shared among all people." If it is basic human nature, prove it. If it is universally shared by all, prove it.

there is no one moral code that is deeply entrenched within the human mind as to be universal and unquestionable. Dec 09,  · However, several authors have written about the human dependence on nature to remind us of how nature provides our everyday necessities. In the book The One Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming Masanobu Fukuoka talks about the human dependence on nature .

However, because humans are so heavily dependent on an information economy for survival, our species has evolved a second avenue to social status that operates alongside dominance and has its own suite of cognitive and affective processes.

Nature vs. Nurture. Developmental psychology seeks to understand the influence of genetics (nature) and environment (nurture) on human development. The human life is dependent on nature because it gives us the appropriate environment for living. Ignorance Can Jeopardize the Nature: Humans can’t survive without the resources that come from the nature.

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Essays on human dependence on nature

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