Emilia koskinen thesis

She is European registered toxicologist. She set up several laboratories into GLP. She gained experience from clinical trials when acting as Clinical study director.

Emilia koskinen thesis

Abstract For the past few years, electronics manufacturing may have been the victim of its own success. Unlike in heavier industries, rationalization is a concept that was unknown in the sector until only a few years ago and even now, many companies are struggling with cost-cutting measures.

Production systems in electronics manufacturing need to be highly flexible because of a varying and evolving environment.

Therefore real-time process control and, possibly as a result, production optimization are extremely challenging areas. Traditional approaches often do not work due to a lack of robustness or reliability.

For this reason, a new generation of decision support systems is needed in response to some specific problems. The thesis addresses topics such as design of intelligent interfaces for knowledge acquisition and elicitation, use of that knowledge for improved data analysis and diagnostics, real-time feedback control, self-tuning capabilities, and evaluation of optimization methods in discrete processes.

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Topics covered therefore include the whole scope of a decision support system, from its design through to the evaluation of its performance as well as interaction capabilities as a vehicle for sharing information. The aim of this research is to streamline the development of a new generation of decision support systems by providing tools and methods for a better integration of knowledge in an evolving environment.

The main interest lies not only in improved data analysis, but also in better formalization and use of diagnosis. Case studies presented in this thesis demonstrate the practical feasibility of such an approach.(Leiviskä, Koskinen & Ikäheimo) HYVÖNEN Jari Petteri, ~ - Real-time determination of metal concentrations in liquids using micro-plasma emission spectroscopy.

TIKKA Johanna Emilia, Sulfidirikasteen laadun parantaminen - Improving the quality of sulphide concentrate. Anu Castaneda, PhD September PERSONAL DATA: – Supervisor of LL Essi Salama’s doctoral thesis ”Substance use and related Hintikka J, Kestilä L, Lähteenmäki S, Latvala A, Koskinen S, Marttunen M, Aro H, Lönnqvist J.

Mental disorders in young adulthood. Psychological Medicine ; Kimmo Koskinen. Ohjausyksikön ohjelmiston suunnittelu maksuvälinekortin kÿttöön.

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Master's thesis, Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Digital Systems Laboratory, View Mika Koskinen’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Work for doctoral thesis, routine clnical laboratory work, research. Education. Aalto University HRM, Personnel leadership. – Rastor Emilia Vesa. HRD @Barona Technologies | Title: Valmentaja.

Emilia koskinen thesis

Prof. Marko Nieminen Supervised Master's Theses. Master's; Licentiate's; Doctor's; Home. The American Resource Center’s annual scholarship provides a grant to students of Finnish nationality, enrolled at a Finnish university, who are currently working on a Master’s Thesis .

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