Dealing with tragedy essay

Death and dying is considered an integral part of the life cycle, and is an event that happens to every one of us. There are many causes of this natural phenomenon, such as biological aging, disease, homicide, suicide, malnutrition, or accidental occurrences. This ordinary event evokes a variety of sensations, makes people generally uncomfortable, and arouses an array of feelings for both men and women, both positive and negative. Some people are ridden with feelings of sadness, depression, and anxiety, while others may feel relief, contentment, and happiness.

Dealing with tragedy essay

It is out of question that we face an urgent ecological crisis now showing itself in all its facets: What can I do against this mess? As you will see the dilemma described by Bruce Lipton preventing us or government or whosoever from preserving the environment is explained by the tragedy of the commons.

I have organized the essay as follows. First, I begin with a definition of the tragedy of the commons to have a basis understanding of the problematic. I then discuss the relationship between this dilemma and a global ecological crisis. Next I refer the situation to the current political context.

Finally I will answer the question asked and I will broach a possible solution. What is the tragedy of the commons? The tragedy of the commons is describing a dilemma stating that common resources are overexploited.

Examples for common resources are clean air and water, streets without traffic holdup and fish. The author wrote this article against the background of the cold war and the atomic dilemma between the former USSR and the US.

Stating that we have to acknowledge the planet to be finite, he can be seen as pioneer ahead of his times. It is obvious that he wants to have as much cattle as possible in his own self-interest since he then makes more profit.

Therein is the tragedy. The result of course is that the individual seems to be better off but only for a short period of time because nobody can use the pasture anymore once it is overgrazed. The author puts it the following way: When others do the damages your contribution to preventing them is marginal.

But if you do maximize profits like everybody else overgrazing will stop cattle breeding at the pasture altogether. Then you can go on to the next pasture and to the next… But as Hardin has pointed out our planet is not infinite. Furthermore there is no insurance that the damage will be recovering.

Eventually living in denial prevents human beings from accepting the full consequences of their doings and it makes it easier for them to go on living instead of changing their behavior. In the following I will point out the connection between the concept of the tragedy of the commons and the helplessness of mankind when trying to defeat the ecological crisis of our planet.

First Conclusion In my opinion the tragedy of the commons is not restricting option but THE restricting option when dealing with a global ecological crisis. The story of the herdsmen has shown that the individual will ask: I will only be worse off than all the others.

Only our economy will suffer and we lose our competitive advantage.

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As Speth Gus has underlined in his article this causal relationship has been proven simply wrong. It is obvious that one contribution compared to world population is marginal.

Transferred to the current problem, success should be measured by how well every individual cooperates with another individual and accordingly how well every government cooperates with another government rather than measuring the salary or the GDP for example.The definition of a tragic character is something that has been considered set in since the times of ancient Greece.

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Dealing with tragedy essay

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