Dahle paper cutter

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Dahle paper cutter

A transparent Blade Guard allows the user to view the intended cutting line. The Kutrimmer Guillotine Paper Trimmer accepts cuttinglengths up to A unique Blade Guard is integrated with the Paper Clamping System, giving users a clear and accurate look at the cutting edge and the alignment of the paper being cut.

The MBM Kutrimmer Paper Cutter is design for maximum operator safety, the transparent safety guards are made of unbreakable Lexan plastic.

Dimensions D x W x H: The Dahle Professional Special Purpose Cutter is a heavy duty unit designed for cutting poster board, matte board and foam core. It's perfect for the framing industry with a 30" cutting length and 40 sheet capacity. For optimal performance, this heavy duty cutter should be mounted on an optional stand.

Features Patented, beveled blade of Solingen steel. Self-adjusting clamp holds materials securely and prevents slipping. Fan guard protects fingers. Lockable T-square for accurate measurements and precision 90 degree cuts.

Dahle paper cutter

Metal scale bar on top and bottom with measurements in inches and millimeters. Durable laminated wood base with 1" grid. It's perfect for the framing industry with a 42 Inch cutting length and 40 sheet capacity.

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Durable laminated wood base with 1 Inch grid.Dahle Vantage Paper Trimmer An Accurate and Reliable Trimming Solution Whether you are cutting a single sheet of paper or fifteen at a time, Dahle's Vantage paper trimmer is the perfect tool.

Dahle® Vantage® Self-Healing Cutting Mat - 24" x 36" - Crystal Clear Vantage® Self-Healing Mats are designed not only for alignment and surface protection, but are also self-healing — which pro­longs the life of the mat, and allows cuts to virtually disappear.

For over 80 years Dahle has established a reputation for developing safe, innovative products that exceed the demands of it's customers. Dahle products are developed in Germany by Novus Dahle GmbH & Co.

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using the latest technology and finest materials. From solid cutting cylinders to self-sharpening cutting blades, the Dahle name is recognized worldwide for quality and precision products. Dahle Laser Guide for Model / Guillotine Cutters. April 22, - PRLog-- The Dahle () sheet stack paper cutter are manually operated but make easy cutting of up to sheets of paper at a kaja-net.com shields can be found on either side of the cutting blade and will not allow the blade to move while they are in the up position.

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