Critical reading and writing a bedford spotlight rhetorical question

Patricia Lambert Stock Date: Describing in detail a presentation on mock trials, she shows that such workshops not only have the customary elements of research published in professional journals but have four additional characteristics that make them a uniquely valuable genre of research in education.

Critical reading and writing a bedford spotlight rhetorical question

Stephan Flores sflores uidaho. English or equivalent, and pre-or-co-requisite of Engloror ; English majors must in addition have completed or be co-registered for Englor enroll by permission of instructor. The Norton Shakespeare, Third Edition.

You can update your password at http: If you haven't already, setup your NetID at www. If you continue to experience problems accessing BbLearn after changing your password, please contact the ITS Help Desk by email helpdesk uidaho. We will study Shakespeare's drama through primary and secondary texts and films, and exchange points of view as we work together to develop our understanding enjoyment!

Through assigned readings, class and group discussions, and written analyses, the class shall explore the social, sexual, political, performative, and formal issues that these texts represent, and consider Shakespeare's development as a playwright. Written work includes weekly Inquiry-Starters posted on the course Bblearn discussion thread, an in-class midterm exam, a Critical Essay, and a Term Essay.

Literature provides us with a way of understanding how our social life works. Both the cultural and real-world narrative can change; both use frames to exclude norm-dissonant perspectives and values and to ensure that the meanings that critical reading and writing a bedford spotlight rhetorical question the continuity and homogeneity of the lived process are stable, predictable, and enforced.

Who tells the stories in the culture thus largely shapes how that cultural world will be organized. Stories are what people believe and how they believe, and how people believe determines how they act and how they live.

Stories can change how people think, perceive, believe, and act. The analysis of the work they perform is thus an important endeavor. And that is what criticism is all about. An Introduction to Criticism: Broader contexts for desired course outcomes are situated within the department's goals for the English major and the university's learning outcomes.

In addition, as mentioned see further below for learning outcomes specific to this course and to level literature courses. Twelve written Inquiry Starters 12 in total, over the course of the semester, as specified in course schedule: Nine of your Inquiry Starters should respond quite directly to the text of the play under discussion be sure, however to read the introductory headnotes in the Norton Shakespeare anthology as well as assigned chapters from McEvoy's Shakespeare: See left side menu on Bblearn, click on that, then find appropriate thread for each IS, and post an entry and provide a "title" for your entry.

Entries posted any later than 1 p.

critical reading and writing a bedford spotlight rhetorical question

Missing or late inquiry-starter entries will be counted against your semester grade, and if your grades are on a borderline between grade ranges then missing even one entry may reduce your semester grade see below ; moreover, along with in-class participation, the quality of your Inquiry Starters forms part of the points awarded for Participation at midterm and at the end of semester.

For those whose grades might be borderline, this enables you to 'regain' 5 points that were deducted. This option is not available to anyone who is not missing any Inquiry Starters because this is not a bonus point situation, only a chance to make up for one missing IS. This piece of paper will be turned in with your exam.


In addition to this preparation, any review that you may do of your selected plays, study questions, and McEvoy chapters, Norton and Bedford headnotes, or specific scholarly articles in Bblearn can strengthen your understanding. The Merchant of Venice or Hamlet 35 points maximum.

These selected quotes from scholars and from the plays serve as points of reference and departure, then, for your two analyses.

Your essays are to be succinct, but I encourage you to develop and to support your ideas as clearly and as cogently as space allows, including brief citations of specific lines that illustrate your understanding, and use of summary and paraphrase in support of each analysis. It is helpful for your argument advisable to include a statement that makes a claim or presents a thesis with explanation and support.

Your interpretations are to be explanatory and implicitly argumentative: This is a chance to share your perceptions, enthusiasms, and doubts as you delve into an aspect of each play's significance and purpose. Assume that your audience is familiar with each play and take care to articulate clearly your inquiry into the material, especially problems or contradictions that seem difficult to resolve.

critical reading and writing a bedford spotlight rhetorical question

See these excerpts from our reading selections in the following highlighted weblink that offer scholars' views on Shakespeare's histories, comedies, and tragedies. You also are encouraged to draw upon the Norton headnotes as well as McEvoy's book.

I encourage you to send me by email a brief description of your provisional topic and thesis, by Wednesday October See rubric for evaluating the Critical Essay and the Term Essay, further below.

Term Essay due not later than 4: I shall attend to the ways that you select, define, and engage questions and contradictions, and to the clarity, imagination, and grace that you demonstrate in presenting your topic, hypo thesis, and argument, and the extent to which your work engages with, explains, and contributes to the larger "conversation" of scholarship on the topic and drama under analysis.

I do not always expect essays to conclude by "solving" such problems or by "proving" your thesis; I hope that you address interesting topics questions for debate, interpretation, and analysis in thoughtful and useful ways."Downloads.

The Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web.

Teaching Well-Being in Schools: Positive Psychology and Positive Education

Hot Potatoes is not freeware, but it is free of charge for non-profit educational users who make their pages available on the web. Along with Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, delivered one hundred years earlier, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech is one of the most memorable in U.S.

history. Integrated reading/writing instruction, Also available for basic writing Clear. Thorough. Focused. The Bedford Spotlight Series guide to critical reading and academic writing readersguide/catalog Because multimodal composing is a process too. This afternoon I finished re-reading Selber's Multiliteracies for a Digital Age (), which we've picked up in ENGL for its tightly applicable yet expansive heuristic: functional, critical, and rhetorical literacies.

For Tuesday we're also looking at a complementary tier, network literacy. This course focuses on basic skill training in critical reading and purposeful, college-level writing in multiple modes (bold-faced throughout outline).

Students will read a plethora of American authors/genres as models of effective writing. The Bedford Handbook, Tenth Edition, fosters a culture of practice with how-to instruction for college writing tasks, with advice that allows students to pivot among disciplines, and with more print and digital activities than any other college writing resource.

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