College post secondary coursework

Articulation is the process of evaluating courses to determine whether coursework completed at a high school or ROCP meets the requirements at a community college or post-secondary institution. Agreements made can include course-to-course equivalency for dual credit, credit by exam or advanced placement. Articulation is a process that will permit students to move from one course, program, or educational level to the next without loss of time or resources. Agreements are typically made for one year, and need to be renewed annually.

College post secondary coursework

UNF refers to post-baccalaureate students as those not admitted to a graduate program. At minimum, students are required to submit the following application materials prior to the posted general admission deadline for the term in which they would like to enroll.

All transcripts must be official, arriving to the Office of Admissions directly from the originating school or testing agency.

College post secondary coursework

Unofficial documents will not be accepted. Students will apply as one of four categories. Applications for these student types are considered on a space available basis. Students in this status may apply for financial aid.

College post secondary coursework

A current list of bachelor degree programs offered at UNF can be viewed in the undergraduate catalog. Non-degree In this status, post-baccalaureate students may register for select undergraduate level courses, but are not affiliated with a degree seeking program. These courses are generally intended for personal interest and not taken in the pursuit of formalized educational goal, or may serve as pre-requisites for consideration of admission to a graduate program.

Students in this status are not eligible for financial aid. Certificate-only In this status, post-baccalaureate students may register for classes leading to a specific certificate or other non-degree credential.

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Students in this status are not eligible for financial aid, except for those students pursuing their initial professional teacher certification in Florida through the Teacher Certification Only TCO program.

A list of graduate certificate programs and additional requirements can be viewed on the Graduate School Web site. Graduate This status is reserved for students who have an earned baccalaureate degree and who wish to take graduate level coursework but who are not admitted into a degree seeking graduate program.

Permission from the Graduate Program Director in the appropriate area is required.WGU seeks to admit individuals who have the capacity and determination to complete a rigorous WGU degree program and graduate. The admission process is designed to help you and the university reach an informed decision about your likelihood of success.

You are considered a freshman if you have not taken any post-secondary/college coursework. Your application should include your high school or secondary school records, including results from culminating or leaving examinations. ASSIST is an online student-transfer information system that shows how course credits earned at one public California college or university can .

Nov 17,  · So im trying to apply to universities and im just new to this kind of stuff. And i encountered this statement that says: I am currently enrolled in high school (secondary school) with college (post-secondary) coursework completed or in progress?Status: Resolved.

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BC Post-Secondary System. BC has many different types of post-secondary institutions. These are described below. (For access to a list of common acronyms used by post-secondary partners, click here.). College diplomas in Canada most often comprise a minimum of two full-time academic years of specialized post-secondary study.

Like certificate programs, diploma programs are mainly developed to meet specific demands of trades and technical or vocational careers, and – depending on the job required - may span upwards of three of four years.

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