Censorship helpful or hindering essay

Essay - Paper Example Censorship: Essay What exactly is censorship? Some feel censorship is a violation of their rights. The fact of the matter is that there are many pros and cons in the music and entertainment industry about censorship.

Censorship helpful or hindering essay

Censorship on the Internet Freedom of Speech vs. Censorship on the Internet Length: If desired, one could find information on nearly any topic they choose. Censorship and free speech is a widely discussed topic when dealing with the current freedom of the internet especially when dealing with young minds.

Should the internet be a free-for-all arena in which anyone could do as they wish without judgment of others opinions and views imposing on their own? So far in class and in the text Gift of Fire by Sara Baase we have seen many issues dealing with Freedom of Speech and the internet.

Dealing with issues such as access of children to controversial material like pornography hate speech, and weapons making has increased the debate in society today. I pose to look into this debate and explain my thoughts and opinions on each side of the issue.

Freedom of speech has been an integral part of the United States since the ratification of the Bill of Rights in However, this does not protect speech that harms the wellbeing, security, or welfare of people in society Leonard, Therefore, should certain regulations be lawful to stop communication that encourages violence, obscenity, defamation, or possibly harmful outcomes still be protected under the First Amendment?

This question has been posed in the many different forms of communication throughout the history of the US. With the relatively recent rise and evolution of the internet, freedom of speech is closely being looked at to make out what is legal and ethical.

The internet currently is a grey area when it comes to free speech in America and much of the world. While in the physical world people are usually wary of freely sharing controversial ideas due to social norms and community standards, the technological world of the internet allows people to anonymously share these ideas with little fear of consequences.

Anyone with a connection and a computer can freely set up websites devoted to the topic of their choosing.

With the current boom in free social networking sites, personal blogs short for web logs: The number of blogs alone passed 50 million in and some are being as widely read as newspapers Baase, These new mediums are allowing people to reach large audiences easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before.

From print to television, the First Amendment is continuously being looked at to distinguish the limitations and freedoms allowed by the government in particular mediums.

This is accomplished through regulations and licenses based on government standards.

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Licensing boundaries are held to a range of degrees in different mediums. Due to the various types of mediums and the differing problems between them, each medium must be examined as unique Rotenberg, While printed word such as books and newspapers have relatively few regulations in the U.

For example, the Federal Communications Commission FCC which regulates communication by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in the U. Seeing that these mediums are covered under the FCC we can look closer into the attempts to censor material on the internet.

Internet regulation has been attempted many times. Due to the nature of the internet it is hard to classify it under any of the mediums covered by the FCC. It has broadcasting capabilities, such as audio and video similar to radio and television, but it is mainly text based like books and printed word which are the most highly protected mediums under the First Amendment Baase, As a result of this and the international span of the internet, it is hard for the FCC to be an overseer of the medium.

Certain controversial laws have attempted to set in place regulations that censor ethically and socially dubious materials from publication on the web.

Censorship helpful or hindering essay

The topic that has been at the forefront of debate deals with obscene materials. This is a heated topic because the definition of obscenity is very vague and subject to interpretation.

For example, a parent who is highly religious and living in the United States may view nudity on cable television as obscene and pornographic for their child to view, while a person with the same religious beliefs living in Europe or another part of the world may just view this as art or entertainment.

This is due to the difference in societal views on obscenity. To get to the root of what is considered obscene, a test for judging obscene material was set in the case of Miller v. This modern test for obscenity consists of three parts: There are some topics in which nearly everyone would consider to be obscene like child pornography in consequence of its long history of illegality.

Other topics however are not as obviously defined. In what situation would people nude or involved in relations be deemed obscene? Through the Miller v.

California ruling we can use the community standard to be the judge of what is obscene and what is not Adults in society are generally permitted to view just about any material they choose.

However, with the ease of access to vast amounts of information provided by the internet, controversy has arisen over the information and materials that can be obtained by children.Censorship.

Helpful or Hindering? Essay. What exactly is censorship? - Censorship. Helpful or Hindering? Essay introduction?? Some feel censorship is a violation of their rights. Others say censorship is a must in the violent, abusive world we call “society. ” Who has the right to .

Directions: Think of reasons that such activities help or hinder students to improve their character and why. Prompt: Now write to explain how extra-curricular activities help or harm students in improving their personalities.

Situation: Many people have a pet that they cherish more than others. Access to over , complete essays and term papers; Music Censorship in America "Music censorship is any discriminatory act that advocates or allows the suppression, control, or banning of music against the wishes of the creator or intended audience" (Nuzem 7).

Censorship: Helpful or Hindering? Some feel censorship . Access to over , complete essays and term papers; The debate over the pros and cons of censorship in our society have been ongoing. There are arguments on both sides that have caused the line between censorship and free speech to become blurred.

Censorship: Helpful or Hindering? Some feel censorship is a violation of their /5(2).

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Censsorship Senior EnglishMrs. Richardson22 June Censorship is the control of communication betweenpeople. This includes restricions on what can be seen andheard. Mostly, censorship is practiced byGoverments. But religious andpolitical leaders and specialinterest groups also try to con.

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