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The MSIS is a 30 credit hour program comprised of 10 courses: Concentrations include data analytics and information assurance and security. The MSIS program targets professional candidates who want to increase their knowledge in this area of study either to perform better in their current role or use the knowledge to transition careers. Every MSIS course includes an emphasis in ethics, systems thinking, analytical and critical thinking skills, collaborative skills, written communication, creativity and technical solutions.

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Program courses are designated by section numbers. Students enrolled in the online BNAD program can choose to switch enrollment from the online program to being fully enrolled in an on-campus degree program, assuming all requirements are met, but the student may only switch between programs once.

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Likewise, students enrolled in the residential on-campus degree program can switch to be fully enrolled in the online BNAD program, but may only switch between programs once. A student who changes enrollment between the online BNAD degree program and a residential program once may not be allowed to return to their original degree program in the a future semester.

BNAD is not offered as a residential program. Completed 26 semester hours of transfer work with 2. The Capstone Option reduces the University Core Curriculum requirements from 39 to 30 hours, therefore reducing the time to degree completion.

See the Capstone Section of this catalog for more information on this option. Students who apply for Capstone will work with the College of Business Advisement Office for approval of the Capstone Option and will complete a personal contract for a degree completion plan.Describe ways of providing support to other people in a team () You can support other people in a team by helping them cope with their work load and helping them if .

Diners Card: Discussion: The Diners Club Cards are available to our employee business travelers. We do not mandate use of the cards for any travel expenses, but business .

The goal of the Business Administration minor is to provide students with an understanding of the fundamentals of accounting, economics, finance, and the basics of managing a business and marketing a product or service.

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The State of Minnesota is a leader in procurement with diverse businesses and the state's supply chain reflects the diversity of its citizens.

Mission Provide the best value in state administrative services by successfully connecting small and diverse businesses with state contracting opportunities to help strengthen the state's small business. Use your personal access codes to login to this section and access your account.

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