Bruface master thesis abstract


Bruface master thesis abstract

This time we are proud to welcome Marieke, Marianne and Sophie as new members of our research group: Through the development of a monitor and management system for district heating she aspires to optimise its efficiency. As a doctoral candidate in the ReUse team she will research the importance of material and color in the design of Antwerp interwar living rooms.

Inquiring the historical, architectural and structural value of those buildings, her aim is to foster both their conservation and reuse. Do not hesitate to contact one of the research team managers. December Lara Alegria Mira has been awarded the degree of Doctor in Engineering Sciences November 28thLara Alegria Mira defended successfully her doctoral thesis on deployable scissor systems.

In her thesis she provides designers with guidelines and a universal scissor component based on parametric assessments methods and structural optimisation algorithms.

The jury agreed that these results are an important step towards better understanding and designing more efficient and competitive deployable scissor systems.

Therefore, she awarded Lara with the degree of Doctor in Engineering Sciences. It is the cycling and footbridge crossing the river Zwalm, designed together with D.

Architects that has been awarded in the category of Civil Engineering. Translated freely, the jury writes in the special issue of Infosteel p. This idea of folding a plate as flexible as paper, allows to transform it in a three dimensional structure.

bruface master thesis abstract

Spontaneously the bridge demonstrates stability and elegance. Congratulations to all team members: This research project is a collaboration with Prof. Mattias Schevenels and Prof. Geert Lombaert from the KULeuven and focuses on the design, formfinding and optimisation of gridshells, taking boundary conditions like constructability and imperfections into account.

bruface master thesis abstract

A full time position for a PhD researcher for the next four years will be created with the funding. Candidates interested in this PhD position are invited to contact Prof.

Karen Allacker and Vrije Universiteit Brussel mentor: WISBA is an inter-university educational project dedicated to master students of Architecture, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering who wish to extend their knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable building.

In this context a three-day workshop was organised in Belgium. The students have focused on different themes in groups of four students. Following topics were focused on: Both the international exchange as the focus on sustainability were seen as a positive experience by the students and have led to a successful event.

After the hard scientific work, there was time to take a guided tour of Brussels, visit the European Parliament and — of course — to taste the typical Belgian cuisine and beers.New York Madison templates for powerpoint presentation on business Washington Square W zip tech thesis presentation movie review Union Square W zip Follow up letter on request sample.

Each Master’s thesis must start by a one-page abstract written in 3 languages (English, French and Dutch) and must include the following information: the student’s name, the Master’s degree full title, the academic year, the Master’s.

My master thesis was entitled " Characterization of the Drying Kinetics of Pineapple Slices and Improvement of a Drying Process in Uganda". It was awarded by "Prix Ingénieurs sans Frontières- Philippe Carlier ". I am following the Bruface program.

My master degree is totally taught in English. the abstract of our Production First Line Leader . Of course, the support of my parents has been essential throughout my studies and master thesis. Finally, I am very grateful to my boyfriend Mathias for believing in me and encouraging me in the moments I needed it the most with his patience, love and endless support.

Thesis&topic–MECHANICALdepartment–AppliedThermodynamics& & Design&of&a&humidification&tower&foratypicalµgasturbine& & Promotor:&prof.&dr.&ir.&Jacques&DeRuyck&.

!! 6!! i.!Abstract(Each!Master’s!thesis!muststartby!aonePpage!abstract!written!inEnglish!and!mustinclude! the!following!information:!the!student’s!name,!the.

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