An introduction to the structural and regulatory strategies for the improvement of the port division

November 3, - Port operations are a necessary tool to enable maritime trade between trading partners. Hence, port operations can be defined as all policies, reforms and regulations that influence the infrastructure and operations of port facilities including shipping services. Maritime transport has been growing annually by around 3.

An introduction to the structural and regulatory strategies for the improvement of the port division

Our clients have included Fortune companies, local and national governments, multi-national NGOs, industry associations, architects, developers and more. We deliver solutions that are technically sound, politically aware, economically practicable, and grounded in reality.

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Our Approach We are problem solvers. We help organizations identify and characterize issues and problems of concern, develop and assess relevant means to address them, and formulate and implement performance-oriented and value-driven solutions.

We do this by working with organizations as a trusted partner. We listen to all parties involved, explore issues from multiple angles, and develop balanced strategies and solutions. Australian Building Codes Board Australia. Consulted on use of 'risk to life' as a basis for performance criteria in the National Construction Code.

See base concepts in https: Review of the Fire Regulation Development Programme and review and input on various aspects of the building regulatory structure, including the alignment of structure and content within the New Zealand Building Code, its supporting documents, and the building regulatory environment Inaugural Fulbright Global Scholar award https: The aims of the research were to investigate the situation with performance-based building regulatory systems, with a particular focus on fire safety engineering within the systems.

Reports on the situation in each country are forthcoming. A preliminary report on the situation in Sweden has been published https: Sub-contractor to Lund University Multi-hazard resilient building systems Fire performance of tall mass timber buildings Contracted to lead peer-review of performance-based fire engineering analysis and design of a complex facility sub-contractor to Mott MacDonald Contracted to develop publication on the benefits of building regulation in increasing community resilience Contracted to review draft Nordic risk-based fire safety engineering standard.

Contracted to review the CFD modeling methodology report; prepare a review report summarizing findings arising from the review; provide technical support to PB with FHRR profile. Code consulting and fire engineering alternatives analysis for parking garage.

An introduction to the structural and regulatory strategies for the improvement of the port division

Key Personnel Brian J. For more than 30 years, Brian has provided risk-informed performance-based solutions to complex building and infrastructure challenges, conducted building and fire regulatory system capacity assessments, and undertaken research in these and related areas.

He has worked with and for governments, NGOs and the private sector in these areas in numerous countries. Links to Related Organizations SFPE The purpose of SFPE is to advance the science and practice of fire protection engineering and its allied fields, to maintain a high ethical standard among its members and to foster fire protection engineering education www.

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IAFSS IAFSS was founded with the primary objective of encouraging research into the science of preventing and mitigating the adverse effects of fires and of providing a forum for presenting the results of such research https: NFPA The National Fire Protection Association NFPA is a global nonprofit organization, established indevoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards http: Fire Protection Research Foundation As the research affiliate of NFPA, the Fire Protection Research Foundation is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to plan, manage and communicate research in support of the association http:NOCTI, and Nocti Business Solutions (NBS), an NCCRS member since May , is a leading provider of high-quality technical competency assessment products and services for the secondary and post-secondary educational institutions in the United States and around the world.

NOCTI and NBS services include job and task analysis, standards development, assessment development and. Scottish Government, Building Standards Division (Scotland).

Research to Support the Improvement of the Design Verification of Fire Engineered Solutions as Part of the Scottish Building Regulatory System (/17), Competency Criteria for Local Authority Verifiers when checking Fire Engineered Solutions for Compliance with Building Standards (/17), Fire Tests - Section 2 Fire: Spread of.

The Practice Facilitator’s Handbook is designed to assist in the training of new practice facilitators as they begin to develop the knowledge and skills needed to support meaningful improvement in primary care practices.

It evolved from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Integrating Chronic Care and Business Strategies . 5 A. Introduction .. B.

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Sixth Plan Strategy for Governance Improvement and Development of Institutions the facility evaluate existing strategies for identifying and managing incontinence, catheter use, and UTIs, and ensure that facility policies and procedures are consistent with current standards of practice.

Vol.7, No.3, May, Mathematical and Natural Sciences.

An introduction to the structural and regulatory strategies for the improvement of the port division

Study on Bilinear Scheme and Application to Three-dimensional Convective Equation (Itaru Hataue and Yosuke Matsuda).

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